Day 4 Early Roundup

Russia remain on one win after losing to China and Japan today Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

It took all the way to an extra end in their sixth game of the week for Norway to finally lose their unbeaten record as they went down 6-7 to Germany in Tuesday afternoon's tenth session of round-robin play in the CPT World Men's Curling Championship 2014, presented by Ford of Canada.

Spectators inside Beijing's Capital Gymnasium in China, where the Championship is being played, also witnessed Canada defeat the USA by 7-4 to put them into joint top spot with Norway on five wins and one loss.

Norway started well against Germany, with skip Thomas Ulsrud playing a precision double take-out in the first end to open the scoring with two points.

Germany then responded with two points of their own in the second end, and eventually it was Norway who were forced to score one point in the tenth end to tie the game at 6-6 and force the extra end.

In this end, Germany's fourth player Felix Schulze had an open draw for the one point that gave his team their fourth win so far.

Prior to their win against Norway, Germany had been involved in another extra end game - against Switzerland.

In the seventh end of this game Switzerland's fourth player Benoit Schwarz played a draw into the house to score three points and take a 5-3 lead.

Germany responded and forced an extra end. In that end Schwarz hit out a German stone with his own last to score the one point needed for Switzerland's 7-6 win.

The key to Canada's 7-4 win over USA was a steal of one point in the fifth end after an umpire's measure.

A score of two points in the seventh end for a 6-3 lead to Canada put the game beyond the USA.

Afterwards, Canadian skip Kevin Koe said: "We're at five wins and one loss, and some people might think we’re cruising but it hasn’t been that way at all. We’ve had to fight for all those wins, but we seem to be getting better."

Prior to this, USA had lost by 6-8 to Scotland. The crucial end in this game was the ninth end when Scotland skip Ewan MacDonald cleared out two USA stones with his first stone to lie three, and then, with his last stone played a hit and stay to score three points and take an 8-5 lead.

After this, Scotland skip Ewan MacDonald said: “We made a good end in eight to force the one and get the hammer, and the guys played a really good ninth - to make a three there was great."

Meanwhile, USA skip Pete Fenson said: “We were having a little trouble being perfectly dialled in with the ice and that is usually a recipe for not winning a game."

In Tuesday morning's play, Sweden went down to the Czech Republic. In the tenth end of this game, with the score at 4-3 to the Czechs, Sweden's skip Oskar Eriksson attempted to take out a Czech stone that was lying in counting position. He missed that and handed the Czech Republic a steal of one point and a game win, by 5-3.

The Swedes came back on in the afternoon session to face Denmark, and in the sixth end of this Scandinavian show-down, Denmark's skip Rasmus Stjerne just got his final stone round a front guard to reach and hit out a Swedish stone in the house and score two points from that reduced Sweden's lead to 5-4.

In the next end Sweden's Oskar Eriksson sealed his win with a draw for four points and a score of 9-4, after which Denmark conceded defeat.

Afterwards, Eriksson said: “It was very important to bounce back. We felt we should have won our last game against Czech Republic, so it was important. We won this one so we’re on four and three so still looking ok for the play-offs."

Russia suffered two losses on Tuesday, China beat them by 5-4 in the morning session and then, despite scoring three points in the second end, Japan beat them by 8-7 in the afternoon session.

This was a record fourth win at any World Men's Championship by Japan, and about that, their lead player Kosuke Morozumi said: "That's a new record and that's good for us, but I want to make a bigger record. This means a lot, I want our juniors to be like us and be inspired by us."

Session 9:
Germany 6, Switzerland 7 (extra end); USA 6, Scotland 8; Czech Republic 5, Sweden 3; Russia 4, China 5.

Session 10: Canada 7, USA 4; Sweden 9, Denmark 4; Russia 7, Japan 8; Germany 7, Norway 6 (extra end)

After 10 sessions of play:

1. Canada 5-1
1. Norway 5-1
3. Japan 4-2
3. Switzerland 4-2
5. Germany 4-3
5. Sweden 4-3
7. China 3-3
8. Czech Republic 2-4
8. Denmark 2-4
8. Scotland 2-4
11. USA 2-5
12. Russia 1-6

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